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    KCMIT has well-equipped computers labs with latest computers.

  • Library

    The library is well stocked with around 10000 course books


    The college organizes the annual sports program which includes

  • KCMIT-Club

    In order to enhance the performance and creativity of the students, the college has created the KCMIT Club.


    KCMIT offers scholarships to the TU toppers and semester toppers


    KCMIT offeres Non-Credit courses for BIM students.

News & Events

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  • 11 months ago

KCMIT announces Admission open for Bachelor of Information Management (BIM) & Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA). CMAT form is available at fomecd.edu.np

Education Faq

Why BIM ?

BIM Program provides an interdisciplinary education for students interested in Information Technology and Management with major focus on IT.To be IT professionals proficient in the use of computers and computational techniques, in order to develop effective information systems, to solve real life problems in the organizational milieu, develop skills in object-oriented software design methods and data management systems.

Why BBA?

BBA program provides an interdisciplinary education for students interested in Management an IT with major focus in Management. BBA cover a balanced curriculum between the different business disciplines,supported by the development of applied business skills and an understanding of the business world.

Notice Board


Message from the Principal


"For men may come and men may go, But I go on forever"

How true Lord Tennyson was when he spoke about the brook. When I reflect on these lines, I feel the same applies to KCMIT also. Students have come and gone, but KCMIT stands tall, radiating the warmth to all the family members of the past and present and waiting eagerly to usher the new.

For about two decade we have moved along steadily and left an imperishable imprint in the history of education, not only as the pioneer college of the BIM Program and a firm up-coming college of the BBA Program, but also in grooming young ladies and gentlemen to face different challenges of the 21st century. Our growth has definitely not been flamboyant, but mature and dignified as year after year, our students have proved themselves in all walks of life – be it higher studies or the job market – KCMITians have carved their way through in this world of cut-throat competition. When success stories of our alumni are heard, a sense of gratifying joy envelopes the reigning atmosphere. These laurels which we cherish today are the outcome of the endless effort of the entire college family- the management, faculty, the administrative staff, the domestic staff and the students themselves. Each one has endeavored to elate the position of KCMIT in the education map; surely this is an accomplishment of the team spirit prevalent amongst the college community. Though we have established ourselves as an abode of learning and an institution which cares for the ethical, professional and social growth of the youth, who have taken shelter under our wings, we still have to go a long way to reach the goal we have set before us. Prior to sending out BIM and BBA graduates into the big, wide, world we want to send good human beings who will uplift themselves above all petty bickerings and spread the message of love and understanding to one and all.

May the Almighty Lord help us in our march towards our goal and lead us from darkness to light.