The library is well stocked with around 10000 course books (Management, Economics, Computer and Literature) on the subjects covered during the degree program. Each student will get three books in each semester which should be returned after the completion of the semester exam and two reference books which should be issued every week. The Library is a major resource from which students can acquire something more than what is taught in the class room. Having realised that the library is teasure of knowledge,KCMIT has given emphasis to its development.

Rules and Regulations of Library
1. Library will open from morning to afternoon from Sunday to Friday.
2. College will provide three books in each semester.
3. Students are given three course books and two reference books. The two reference books have to be issued every week
4. Students have to return all books at the end of each semester after examination.
5. Student will get new books after returning old books.
6. Books once given will not be exchanged unless very necessary.
7. Charges will be placed on damaged and misplaced books.
8. Students are requested to maintain silence in and outside the library room.
9. Library will be pleased to provide any information regarding the books, journals etc